Caring Community

What is the Caring Community?

The Caring Community is an integral component of Shalom b’Harim life. The Community’s mission is to be there for congregants in good times – births, marriages, graduations, achievements, etc., and in difficult times such as illness or death.

What does this mean?

Please feel free to contact the Caring Community regarding any and all life cycle events. The Community is here to assist in times of need. Community members are your Temple family in times of illness or loss and are here to support our participants. Phone calls of support; minyans when appropriate; tell the Community what you need, and they will do their best to help. They will contact our Rabbi to advise of  your situation in the event of an illness or death.

Shalom b’Harim is a religious family. The Community wants to foster a feeling of inclusion.

The Caring Community is just beginning and will be evolving to meet the needs of the congregation. If you have suggestions or ideas you think would be helpful, feel free to share them.

Contact the Caring Community members via email at

Shalom U’vrachah,

Melanie Vaughan
Leslie Brass
Leon Rubin