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Shalom b’Harim Mission Statement

We are coming together as a Jewish community to provide a place of Traditional Jewish worship, learning, and assembly, and to engage in various other activities that will promote the spiritual and educational welfare of the Jewish people of the North Georgia Mountains.
Our focus is in the building of a caring Jewish Community, in the spirit of our shared traditions. We are committed to a participatory and democratic process both in congregational governance and in worship.
We hope to encourage and support one another as we grow in our studies and in loving-kindness and social responsibilities.

Traditional Jewish Worship

Our participants are Reform, Conservative and Orthodox from both Ashkenazi and Sephardic traditions.  There is something here for you. We are an unaffiliated shul but services are conducted from the Gates of Prayer siddur. Musical accompaniment is frequently part of our service.  We are not a part of the Messianic movement.

About Us

We are an inclusive, not exclusive, organization dependent upon the generosity of our participants to maintain our operations.  As such we have no dues structure and all are welcome.  Like our forefathers we are wanderers; we do not have our own home. The Unity of Gainesville Congregation generously provides us use of their facility for services.  

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