Peace in the Mountains

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Upcoming Services

Rosh Hoshana Service & Kiddish Luncheon

Friday, September 22, 2017

10:30 AM

Camp Coleman, Cleveland, GA




Jewish History

Fund Raising

Our Congregation does not have a dues structure.  We subsist on the generosity of members and visitors.

The basic approach of Judaism to wealth is that it is a positive thing which we should enjoy and be grateful for, as long as two conditions are filled:

1. We must use our wealth in a responsible fashion;
2. We must always remember that our wealth is not a reflection of our inner worth, but rather is a deposit given to us by the Creator.

Certainly someone blessed with material resources is permitted and encouraged to enjoy them. Judaism doesn't encourage asceticism. Indeed, one of the most prominent features of our religion is the blessings we make on all kinds of material enjoyments, including food, drink, fragrances and so on. By taking the time to praise the Creator for these enjoyments, we augment our appreciation of them, and at the same time elevate them from being a purely bodily enjoyment to being a spiritual experience as well.


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